The Bee Whisperer

Welcome to our website, we are carers of bees and harvesters of their raw natural honey here in Australia. We offer a range of delicious and quality products courtesy of one of natures hardest workers. We also have a wonderful range of Crystal Lighting products.

Our site is a little unique in that we have two distinctly different products. The simplicity is that we Love both things, the amazing Honey Bee and all her gifts and the Beauty and Healing Power of Light and Colour.

Crystal Beam are the manufacturers of a cold LED lighting systemCrystal Beam turns you crystal into crystal lamps both static and dynamic giving mystical lighting to any room. It is extremely effective for color therapy and Feng Shui decorating.

When used as a focus for meditation they can bring tranquillity into your life. So, this LED lighting system turns ordinary crystals into amazingly effective crystals for meditation… click here for more info.


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We are located in Corrimal NSW

If you have any questions you can sens us an e-mail via the message form or call on 0439 755 797.

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